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Elliott "Hilster" Hill

Computer Science for Games Student at Sheffield Hallam University and Unity Android VR Developer at their studio: Steel Minions

I’m a well-spoken individual with excellent organisation and communication skills. I’m a confident public speaker and a strong team player who’s also competent at working alone with a positive attitude and good work ethic.

I have good knowledge of C++, DirectX, Unreal, C#, and Unity. I’m currently studying many of the widely used techniques for developing artificial intelligence including: MinMax algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, and Neural Networks. I’m also learning Genetics algorithms for my final year project where I’ll be creating an evolving subject within a God game.

The Chantry Museum Viewer

14 November 2018 -

Using the assets created for the PlayStation VR game: the Chantry, I created an Android VR application that is a companion to the Edward Jenner Museum that the PSVR game is based on. Use either the 2D or VR modes to view the museum as it was after the death of Edward Jenner in 1823, and while you're at the museum use the Museum Mode so the application will automatically change to the room you're currently in.

I was the lone programmer on this project while I was hired at the Sheffield Hallam University games development studio called "Steel Minions" which is a rare opportunity for a select few.

Key skills developed:

  • C#
  • Unity
  • Mobile Development
  • Virtual Reality
  • Bluetooth

The application is available for download on the Google Play store here.

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