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Elliott "Hilster" Hill

Computer Science for Games Student at Sheffield Hallam University and Unity Android VR Developer at their studio: Steel Minions

I’m a well-spoken individual with excellent organisation and communication skills. I’m a confident public speaker and a strong team player who’s also competent at working alone with a positive attitude and good work ethic.

I have good knowledge of C++, DirectX, Unreal, C#, and Unity. I’m currently studying many of the widely used techniques for developing artificial intelligence including: MinMax algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, and Neural Networks. I’m also learning Genetics algorithms for my final year project where I’ll be creating an evolving subject within a God game.


22 December 2018 -

This is an infinite runner where you try to avoid oncoming traffic to get the highest score possible by surviving longer and collecting pickups. The core infinite running mechanics are all implemented, I would hope to expand the game by adding different hazards that add a new and diverse challenge to the game, as well as other collectables that would give you unique abilities.

Key skills developed:

  • C#
  • Unity
  • Mobile development

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