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Elliott "Hilster" Hill

Computer Science for Games Student at Sheffield Hallam University and Unity Android VR Developer at their studio: Steel Minions

I’m a well-spoken individual with excellent organisation and communication skills. I’m a confident public speaker and a strong team player who’s also competent at working alone with a positive attitude and good work ethic.

I have good knowledge of C++, DirectX, Unreal, C#, and Unity. I’m currently studying many of the widely used techniques for developing artificial intelligence including: MinMax algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, and Neural Networks. I’m also learning Genetics algorithms for my final year project where I’ll be creating an evolving subject within a God game.

Re: Why I Left the Left - A Response From the Rational Leftist

22 March 2017 -

I remembered watching Dave Rubin's video "Why I left the Left" a while back and I did agree with the video a hell of a lot, before I got into politics I considered myself on the left. Though now I understand it a lot more I realise that I'm actually socially Libertarian and fiscally Conservative, but that was a after a radical push from the left with many radical views and policies.

I wish I saw this response video from the Rational Leftist sooner as I felt like he didn't truly understand Rubin's message and why he feels to re-brand himself as Classically Liberal. I encourage that you watch both Rubin's original video as well as the Rational Leftists response to get a better understanding to the context of this video. Both I have embedded below.

[EDIT: 22 March 2017] It appears that the Rational Leftist has done a wipe of his channel, removing a lot of his videos including the one I talk about in this video. Next time I do a response video I'll make sure to do some sort of archive of the video so if this happens again I could possibly uploaded it to my channel unlisted for viewer context.

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