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Elliott "Hilster" Hill

Computer Science for Games Student at Sheffield Hallam University and Unity Android VR Developer at their studio: Steel Minions

I’m a well-spoken individual with excellent organisation and communication skills. I’m a confident public speaker and a strong team player who’s also competent at working alone with a positive attitude and good work ethic.

I have good knowledge of C++, DirectX, Unreal, C#, and Unity. I’m currently studying many of the widely used techniques for developing artificial intelligence including: MinMax algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, and Neural Networks. I’m also learning Genetics algorithms for my final year project where I’ll be creating an evolving subject within a God game.

the last of us

Why don't I want a sequel or movie to the Last of Us?

2 August 2015 -

I absolutely adored the Last of Us, I can be quoted many a time for calling it my favourite game of the last generation and, despite the Remastered edition being a game of the previous generation, still looks much better than many of the current generations games. Despite my feelings towards the original I don't want a sequel and I don't want a movie adaptation of the original.

My argument towards the movie adaptation is probably one many could understand and is possibly shared by a fair few too. Taking something that is familiar (when I say familiar I mean a "10 playthroughs and counting" type of familiar) and taking it into the land of the unfamiliar is something that doesn't excite me in the slightest. Seeing the characters that I loved in Ellie, Joel and Tess being portrayed by actors that show little resemblance don't seems very appealing. Even if the actors I want to play them get the parts I still wouldn't be very happy, many get upset over a change in voice actor never mind a change of face.

I don't like to be the sort of person that criticises casting choices before they have played the part or even before the choice has already been made, but I shall do so anyway. When Neil Druckman first said they were considering Maisie Williams for the part of Ellie I wasn't the most enthusiastic about the choice. It's not that I don't think she's a good actress, she's fantastic as Arya, I just don't see her playing Ellie. My first choice would be Chloe Moretz, though I know many would be disappointed with who ever they decide in the end, not everyone can be pleased. My personal preference for Joel would be Hugh Jackman, nobody else came to mind for who it could be, though I'm probably totally blind to anybody else now I've decided in my mind on him.

What I don't understand is everyone’s obsession for more, why can't a story be told from start to finish? It doesn't have to have adaptations or sequels yet everyone wants them. I understand that I sound completely ridiculous when I say that I don't want a sequel when I know in the back of my mind that if one was announced I would be excited and I'd love it as much as the first. What I'm trying to say is that the Last of Us was something new, it didn't have familiar characters but we got to know and love them as the story progressed. The story ended and I was okay with that. What too many developers in the industry try to do is make a franchise, there are loads of movies and books that are loved that are standalone experiences, it doesn't happen enough in games. I feel that many should take notes from the likes of Double Fine, Ninja Theory and Team ICO (not on the time they take to make they're games) and leave their games at the natural stopping point they originally intended to explore new ideas.

As a hopeful person who has their eye on the gaming industry as their career choice, I feel for the leads that need to make these types of choices, it's easy when you hit gold to continue to dig and understandably so, why wouldn't you? But that analogy isn't the best fit for the industry, though it doesn't sound as bad as the whale philosophy shared by many mobile developers.

On the topic of a sequel to the Last of Us, I'd likely be happy either way, but I'd prefer it if Naughty Dog made an example for triple-A developers on how to make a popular game series all fans love, not a series whose purpose is to make a lot of money.

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